Muststore - Fuel bladders & Refuelling equipments

Muststore ® is the Musthane®brand which includes Fuel bladders & fuel dispensing units.

Discover our wide range of fuel bladders

Musthane is specialized in the manufacture of fuel bladders. In adddition, we also produce some special tanks for water storage such as fire water tanks or proof load testing.
So, Musthane offers a wide range of fuel bladders Muststore. We decline it according to the use and the objective which you will have:

  • Storage on the ground : fuel bladder tank with their containment tank
  • Transport : mobile fuel tank…on a truck bed.
  • Floating : floating storage tank for temporary storage of hydrocarbons at sea,
  • Helitransportable: heli portable fuel bladder movable under sling under the helicopter,
  • Aerotransportable : stowed in an aircraft,
  • Embedded : marine fuel bladder integrated in the boat,
  • Storage of process gas: gasometer
  • Load test (load bags for static and dynamic tests): these load test water bags are reusable and easily transportable because they fold. They are filled with water to perform loading tests.

Why use fuel bladders?

We manufacture most of our equipment in technical fabrics coated with rubber. Most importantly we make them to measure according to your chemical, dimensional, and temperature constraints, etc. Among the advantages of flexible tanks, let us mention :

  • Compactness: when empty, fuel bladder folds and occupies a very small volume (<5% volume filled) which makes their transport easy and economical compared to metal tanks.
  • Protection of the contents: The skin of the fuel bladder is always in contact with the stored liquid, unlike a metal tank. This avoids the development of micro-organisms.

In addition discover our refuelling equipments

In addition to this range of fuel bladder tanks, we offer fuel distribution units specialized in aircraft refueling and emergency situations:

  • Fueling trailer
  • Mobile field fuel station
  • Containerized refueling station
  • Fuel transfer pump unit with or without filtration system

Muststore ® offers you a fully integrated solution to your refuelling and fuel storage needs. All these solutions take into account the requirements of mobility and operational agility (Design To Mobility®) essential for an efficiency in emergency situations.
Each situation has an exceptional component (altitude, temperature, space requirements, etc.) requiring the adaptation and configuration of resources that have been tried and tested in other cases.
In conclusion our engineering department has the experience and the capacity to examine your specifications in order to provide the best customized answer (economic and technical).

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