A majority of industries integrate flexible, inflatable solutions developed by Musthane to be more efficient.

These “flexible” solutions are often a more flexible and economical alternative than standard solutions.

Our Design to Flexibility® offer can be applied without limit in all industries, as an example:

In the Nautical industry:

  • Underwater parachute (rescue),
  • Docking fenders,
  • Inflatable plugs,
  • Flexible water and fuel tanks on board,
  • Specific seals.

In the automotive and mechanical engineering industry:

  • Air jacks,
  • Gel shock  absorbers,
  • Bladder surge vessel,
  • Custom rubber bladder.
Below is a summary of our solutions / your problems:
Problem Solutions
Storing liquids Fuel bladder Fuel bladder containment Flexible water tank  
Plugging pipes Inflatable pipe plugs High pressure pipe plugs Custom pipe plugs  
Improve trafficability Temporary road mats      
Press evenly Inflatable jacks Bladder surge vessel    
Compensate for volume variations Transformateur conservator airbag Custom rubber bladder    
Load testing equipment Waterbag for load testing      
Protection/ fire Fire water storage tank      
Protecting people Inflatable trench shoring      
Protection of the environment Emergency pipe plugs      
Lifting heavy loads Aircraft recovery equipment Inflatable lifting bags Underwater parachute Buoyancy bags
Innovating Custom design and production      


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