Fuel bladder

Musthane® designs and manufactures a wide range of fuel bladders.

We use fuel bladder for temporary or long term storage in hostile areas, in case of natural disasters, on construction sites, in industry...

They are an advantageous alternative to rigid tanks thanks to their:
- Compactness: when empty they are folded and therefore have a reduced volume. That reduces storage and transport costs.
- Mobility
- Absence of air between the stored product and the tank because the skin of the tank always remains in contact with the stored product during use. This minimizes the development of microorganisms.
The range of tanks is very wide, depending on the desired purpose:
- Transport on truck: mobile fuel tank
- Transport by aeronef: towable fuel tank
- Storage at sea: floating storage tank
- Transport by helicopter: Heli transportable tank
- Transportable by car: towable fuel tank
- Ground storage: fuel bladder, gasometers, fire water storage tank, transformer oil storage tank…
- Storage in a boat, drone... : marine fuel bladder, drone flexible tank
..... then according to the liquid to be stored: fuel, oil, gas, water, chemical liquids ....

Our specialty is the manufacture of fuel bladders to store: jet fuel, diesel, gasoline... We have been supplying the French forces for more than 20 years in custom bladder fuel cells. We manufacture our fuel bladder tanks from rubber-coated fabrics vulcanized in one operation. This gives them a great resistance. We have a standard range for each kind of flexible tank. But also, we make them to measure to meet your needs, whether in terms of chemical compatibility, climatic conditions or dimensioning.

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