Mustlift - Air bags lifting

Mustlift ® is the brand name developed by Musthane® for our air  bags lifting solutions.

Why use air bags lifting Mustlift?

We design and manufacture a wide range of air lifting bags for lifting heavy loads (Mustlift ® range). Their advantage is to adapt to exceptional conditions:

  • Underwater lifting: we manufacture underwater lifting bags that facilitate the movement and lifting of heavy loads underwater for divers.
  • Air cushion displacement : skirts for hovercraft
  • Very heavy but fragile and precious loads: we manufacture aircraft lifting equipment that ensure the safe lifting of aircraft without damaging them.
  • Access constraints: You insert easily our high-pressure air lifting jack under the loads to be lifted thanks to its low thickness: < 30mm. This gives pneumatic lifting bags an obvious advantage over conventional lifting equipment such as forklifts, hydraulic jacks, etc. They are powerful: a 1m x 1m cushion can lift 76t
  • Stroke constraints: You use our low-pressure air bag when it is necessary to have an important stroke and an access constraint. You  use them to straighten trains or vehicles lying on the side for example.
  • Marine works: Musthane designs and manufactures custom-made floats bags to assist in marine works. They will ensure the floating of equipment in the water: floating pipe, ponton floats, floating concrete structures…

What is our range of air bags lifting?

These extreme air bags lifting solutions are available in the following equipment:

  • Aircraft lifting bags, Mars ® (Mobile Aircraft Recovery System). It is a solution ensuring the rescue of aircraft off the runway using light, mobile and efficient equipment.
  • High pressure lifting bag for heavy loads for extrication, breaking stone blocks in quarries…
  • Low-pressure air bag for large strokes (straightening a truck…)
  • Underwater lift bags for handling and moving loads at sea (refloating boats, moving pipelines, etc.)
  • Floats bags for maritime works: we make buoyancy bags according to your needs: floating concrete structures, pontoon floats, floating pipe…

Technical characteristics of our lifting bags

Musthane manufactures these different inflatable lifting bags from technical textiles coated with rubber. We manufacture float bags and underwater lifting bags from pvc coated fabrics. We carefully choose all the raw materials and accessories we use to offer you a product that will give you complete satisfaction.

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