transformateur puissance électrique


Musthane® has been working for manufacturer of electrical power transformer for 25 years. 100% of the products we manufacture for this industry are designed and custom made in our facility in France. From our knowledge in the field of flexible materials (rubber, composite…), our engineers bring you customized solutions; whether you have a problem of storage, lifting, pushing, load testing… We will accompany you in your development whether it is for a study or for the realization of a prototype or a small series. Our ambition is to make you benefit from our know-how acquired since many years in our trade of the transformation of the flexible products.

As an example:

To protect the oil and ensure the efficiency of the transformer: We manufacture custom rubber bladders to put in transformer conservator. These rubber air bladders compensate for variations in oil volume and protect the transformer oil.

To store transformer oil during maintenance operations: We also manufacture transformer oil storage tanks and their containment tank

To test the lifting equipment on site: We supply water bags for load testing. These are waterproof bags that are filled with water. They are an economical and durable alternative to concrete blocks.

To lift heavy loads that are not easily accessible: we offer a whole range of inflatable lifting bags. Thanks to their thinness of a few cm they are easily positioned under the loads to be lifted.

To exert a uniformly distributed pressure: we offer a whole range of inflatable jacks: round, square, toric…

Below is a summary of our solutions / your problems:
Storing liquidsTransformer oil storage tankFuel bladder containment
Press evenlyInflatable jack 
Compensate for volume variationsTransformer conservator airbagCustom rubber bladder
Load testing equipmentWater bag for load testing 
Protection /fireFire water tank 
Protection of the environmentEmergency pipe plugs 
Lifting heavy loadsInflatable lifting bags 
InnovatingCustom design and production 


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