Aircraft recovery lifting bags: This is a device consisting of several airbags having the distinction of having masteredstroke and a support base which remains flat and stable. For example, they are used to straighten a plane left the runway or where the landing gear is damaged.

Aerostat: this is a tethered balloon offering an information and monitoring unit

Anti pollution stopper: This is an inflatable emergency pipe plug, it is permanently installed in a pipe without disturbing the flow and can be triggered remotely inflated to prevent flow of toxic pollute in the environment.

Beach access mat: They are installed temporary or permanent way, over soft ground to improve and facilitate the movement of pedestrians, disabled persons or vehicles they offer a stable, secure and stiffened.

Collapsible gasometer: They are made from high strength elastomer coated fabrics that make them perfectly sealed for storage of current gas such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide.

Air cell: It is flexible inflatable bladders that offset the changes in volume of oil in a transformer.

Back-pressure: counter-pressure is the pipe pressure which the inflatable plug must resist. It is measured in bars or water column height (10m = 1 bar)

Lifting cushion: high strength rubber cushion with inflation valve on the slice. Thin (less than 28mm), the pad can fit easily in a vehicle or a small space. Its trust is important: a 76 x76cm cushion develops a thrust of 76 tons!

Flexible tank: a flexible bladder made from hi-tech rubber-coated fabric, designed to store liquids: water, fuel, pastes, chemical products, etc…

Gripper tubes: They are pneumatic grippers used for jack-up barges equipped with Delong system 6-6. The rubber tubes and gripper are settled in the jack-up system

Helipad: Helipad is the helicopter landing area made of flexible and rollable mats

Helitransportable tank: Collapsible tank for the storage of water or hydrocarbon offering the possibility to be moved under a helicopter with its mounting skirts vulcanized in the mass.

Inflatable jacks: flexible pads which can be inflated with air, water or oil, made mainly from hi-tech rubber-coated fabric, designed to exert pressure on surrounding structures.

Inflatable pipe plug: a flexible plug which can be inflated with air or water, used to plug pipes and ducts.

Inflatable trench shield: inflatable bags made from hi-tech rubber-coated fabric, designed to secure personnel working in trenches and to prevent collapses. Inflatable shields are an economical alternative to metal shields.

Fire water reserve: In case of fire, “the fire brigade must be on site at all times, 120m3 of water used in two hours.” The self-supporting flexible tanks offer this possibility in safety and simplicity.

Load test bags: flexible envelope that will be filled with water and will test the strength of cranes, overhead cranes and other lifting equipment. They advantageously replace the concrete weight

Oil boom: They are intended to prevent or contain accidental pollution at sea or river. They are made from rubber coated textile techniques.

Pneumatic air jacks: flexible airbag (air, water or oil) made of rubber coated technical textiles mainly intended to exert pressure, a push on the environment.

Rubber bag or Air cell volume compensator: This is an inflatable flexible bladder positioned within the conservator (tank) of an electric power transformer. It will compensate the variation in the volume of oil still exerting slight pressure.

Temporary access road: roll-up transportable access road surfaces which can be deployed quickly to provide temporary access roads in difficult locations such as tidal zones, deserts, etc… These road surfaces are similar to carpets.

Towable floating Tank: This type of collapsible tank is designed to recover hydrocarbon contaminated water or polluted offshore. Once completed, several containers are towed behind a boat. They limit the pumping back and forth between boats polluted areas and the harbor.

Transport flexible tank: collapsible tank with adjustable tie-down straps in vulcanized mass adapting to the rear deck of the transport vehicle.

Underwater Lifting bags: inflatable flexible bags used to lift and transport heavy loads in water. These lifting units are used by divers

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