Helicopter landing mats in desert

Helicopter mats

Why use helicopter mat?

Musthane designs and manufactures mobile helicopter mats. It is an innovative solution*, offering a quick installation of a secure area for landing helicopters and rotary wing UAVs. This mobile helipad can be quickly deployed by two people.

Its aim is to significantly reduce the amount of dust and flying debris that impacts the service life of helicopter blades and engines during landings. In addition, our helicopter mat help to combat the many serious accidents that occur when helicopters have to land in hostile areas or on unprepared terrain. Indeed, it is not always possible to acquire the necessary infrastructure during emergency interventions or in any case in the first stages of installation in a region.


The installation time depends on many parameters. The average time taken to install a 20 m x 20 m mobile HELIPAD is estimated at 3 hours (Installation carried out by 4 people with 3 m x 10 m sections).

MUSTHANE designs helicopter landing mat sections on demand. The dimensions of the sections can be modified according to your technical specifications (Deployment time, Means of transport…).


  • Greater visibility thanks to the cross markings positioned every 5 meters.
  • Revolutionary and high-performance anchoring system* combining lightness, safety and high resistance capacity.

*Patents filed

Use case of helicopter landing mat

Helicopter landing mat is used to have :

  • Protection against flying objects and debris
  • Visibility in case of dust or sand
  • A reference point on the ground
  • A clean intervention zone around the aircraft
  • A reduction in helicopter maintenance costs

Technical characteristics of helicopter landing mats

We manufacture the helicopter landing mat in double-ply coated fabric reinforced with composite.


Kit RefSizeSectionSections qtyRacks qtyAnchoring Qty


WeightKit qty/
H202020 x19,8m2,9 x 10m14131020 Kg8
(65.6’x64.9′ )(9.5’x32.8′ )(2200 lbs)
H3030B28,7 x 29,75m2,9 x10m30252140 Kg4
(94.1’x97.6′ )(9.5’x32.8′ )(4717 lbs)
H404040 x 39,7m2,9 x 10m56484000 Kg2
(131.2’x130.3′ )(9.5’x32.8′ )(8820 lbs)
H505048,8 x 49,6m2,9 x10m856126060 Kg1
(160.1’x162.7′ )(9.5’x32.8′ )(13 360 lbs)
Non-contractual data for information purposes
  • Each rack is approx. 2930 x1150 x1140 mm. Racks are stackable.
  • The Standard Kit comes with all the tools needed for installation.
  • A section of 2.9m x 10m weighs less than 60 Kg and has a 0 rolled of 200mm.
  • A section of 2.9m x 15m weighs less than 90 Kg and has a 0 rolled of 250mm.


  • ULTRA Compact :A complete kit of a mobile Helipad 20m x 20m (anchorage included) has a packing of :3m x 1,2m x 1,2m & 1000 kg
  • Roll-up and Lightweight
  • Impermeable to mud and dust
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Removes and cleans easily
  • Repairable
  • Longer service life
  • Rugged and puncture resistant
  • Important Transport Savings
  • Customizable (color, sizes, markings …)
  • Greater visibility thanks to cross markings

Optional accessories

  • Night Detection Kit (Mustmove® NDB)
  • An anchoring system that is particularly effective in soft and sandy soils and offers real security while being very quick to install.
  • Quick installation kit on hard ground. This kit also allows a quick recovery of the anchors for a new use.


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