Custom rubber bladder

Musthane® designs and manufactures custom rubber bladders.

Their general purpose is to compensate volume. We use them, for example, in :
- Electrical power transformers: air cells are in the conservator and protects the transformer oil from oxidation and pollution
- Hydraulic power plants: custom made bladder exerts a continuous pressure on the oil level
- Bladder surge tank: the aim of the bladder is to maintain the correct pressure whilst water is transmitted to the networks.
We manufacture inflatable bladders to measure, whether for a single piece or a series.
Depending on the use, we will manufacture them in rubber, polyurethane or coated reinforced fabrics.
We inflate the custom rubber bladders  with air, oil or another fluid. Our manufacturing process offers great flexibility in the shapes of the bladders. We produce them: round, square, rectangular, oval, toric...

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