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Transformer conservator bladders

Transformer conservator airbag

Why use a transformer conservator airbag?

The purpose of the transformer conservator airbag is:

  • to compensate variations in oil volume due to temperature changes
  • An effective barrier between oil and air
  • Protection against humidity
  • The elimination of gas bubbles formed in the oil
  • A prevention of oil oxidation and pollution
  • A prevention of condensation

The compensation volumes provided by the transformer air cell can reach 40m3.

Case of use of inflatable transformer conservator bladder

  • Power transformers with conservator
  • Distribution transformers.

You place the transformer conservator bladder inside the tank.  The shape of the tank can be cylindrical, rectangular, parallelepipedal …

The outer surface of the rubber bag is in contact with the oil. The inner surface with the atmosphere. The transformer air cell increases the life of the transformer oil.

  • In hydraulic power plants.
  • To compensate for pressure variations due to depth, as for example in an underwater UAV oil tank.

Technical characteristics of transformer conservator rubber bag

We manufacture transformer conservator rubber bag from rubber-coated technical textiles.

The choice of rubber is made according to the

  • temperature conditions
  • chemical compatibility with the products in contact.

Our standard fabric is made of NBR (nitrile) coated fabric. The standard materials developed by Musthane for this application offer excellent resistance to oil, ozone and water vapour.

The rubber bags are equipped with treated steel flanges made according to your drawings. These flanges ensure that the bladder is maintained in the preservative and its inflation.

Finally, we can put lugs or moulded inserts on the air cells to facilitate its maintenance in the  conservator.

Transformer conservator bladder can reach a lifespan of up to 10 years. It  depends on the conditions of use and/or storage.

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using an inflatable pipe stopper


  • Ease of implementation
  • Dimensions and flange according to your plans
  • Excellent resistance to transformer oils
  • Removal of gas bubbles formed in the oil
  • Effective barrier between oil and air
  • Moisture protection
  • Resistant to ozone and steam
  • Made to measure manufacturing
  • No maintenance

Optional accessories

In addition, we manufacture transformer oil storage tanks and their containment tank for maintenance operations of electrical power transformers equipped with preservatives.


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