Inflatable jacks

Musthane® designs and manufactures inflatable jacks and inflatable seals.

Inflatable jacks are an advantageous replacement for hydraulic cylinders.
Their objective: to create a mechanical movement from the compressed air or oil that drives them. Our inflatable jacks ensure actions such as : lifting, pushing, tightening, deflecting, sealing... The forces deployed by our pneumatic jacks range from a few grams to several hundred tons.

Indeed the force deployed by our inflatable air jack is very powerful. It is calculated according to the formula: Active surface x Inflation pressure. Therefore, a pneumatic jack of dimension 50 cm x 50 cm at 1 cm of stroke will deploy a force of 1.25 tons at 5 bar of inflation pressure! Discover how to dimension your pneumatic jack!

We manufacture our inflatable air jacks from technical rubber coated fabrics. We vulcanize them in a pressure mold like a car tire to obtain a homogeneous and reliable product.

Inflatable jack Use

Our inflatable jacks  are a component of machine, automation equipment… They ensure the closing of molds in the automotive sector, lifting of platforms, blocking of engines during their transport… In annular form, they become inflatable seals or grout packers.

They then play the role of support, "plug" before grouting an equipment; for example, for the installation of a small offshore platform. They can also be used for cylinder handling or sealing between two cylinders. Our pneumatic gripper tubes ensures the palettization of bottles.
The advantage of our air cylinders :
We design and manufacture them to measure to meet your specifications. Musthane can also assist you in writing these specifications.

We have no limit of :

  • shape : our inflatable jacks can be round, square, rectangular, annular...

  • dimensions : from a few cm to several meters

  • strokes from a few mm to several meters.

Our pneumatic cylinders and inflatable seals have a very small footprint/hydraulic cylinder; their thickness is just a few mm.

Discover our range of inflatable air jacks:

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