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MGD pneumatic bottle gripper

MGD pneumatic gripper

Why use an MGD pneumatic gripper?

The MGD pneumatic gripper is an inflatable cylinder that ensures the palletization of bottles with short necks and little shoulders. It is mounted on a bottle gripping head. When empty, the pneumatic palletizers have a flat shape; they slide between the bottle necks, then they are inflated with compressed air which ensures the gripping of all the bottles in complete safety.

Their particularity is that only the lower part of the gripper is inflated in order to be able to handle bottles with short necks; the very low thickness of the gripper

Applications for pneumatic grippers

  • Palletizing of bottles for bottle manufacturers
  • Palletizing/depalletizing of bottles for bottlers, decorators, recyclers

Technical characteristics of MGD pneumatic palletizers

Inflatable palletizers are made of rubber-coated fabric. The fabric provides the mechanical resistance to our pneumatic cylinders. The choice of rubber gives it its resistance to abrasion: thick rubber with an anti-slip aspect. Its frame provides the necessary rigidity for inflation (no banana effect).

The pneumatic gripper cylinders are equipped with threaded rods to ensure their mounting on your gripper head. They have a supply nozzle to ensure their inflation with compressed air.

We have developed a quick release system that optimizes gripper changeover times.

Our range of standard MGD PNEUmatic grippers for Europe pallets:

  • Diameter of 29mm and finished at 93mm.
  • Length of 1340mm
  • 3 point M10 x 70mm attachment
  • 300mm supply hose

Our range of inflatable palletizers for Anglo-Saxon pallets:

  • 29mm diameter and finished at 93mm.
  • Length of 1470mm
  • 3 point fixing M10 x 70mm
  • 300mm supply hose

Our inflatable grippers accept a maximum inflation pressure of 1.2 bar.

Our design office is at your disposal for the development of all custom-made grippers or food-grade coatings.

mmØ Deflated
Height wo fittings (+/-5)Length
(+/- 10)


Advantages of the inflatable gripper

  • Fast implementation
  • Low vacuum thickness: 8mm
  • Abrasion resistant

Optional accessories

Our design office is at your disposal for the development of all custom-made grippers:

  • Food quality coating
  • Double feeding
  • Threaded rods length 55 or 85 mm
  • Quick tightening nut
  • Length on request


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