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Musthane®, thanks to its know-how and its team of experienced engineers, accompanies its customers in the design and realization of new solutions by integrating the idea of mobility and flexibility. More than 70% of our production is based on studies made for the specific needs of our customers.

Musthane®‘s offer revolves around two areas of expertise:

  • Using composite structures or flexible structures based on elastomer-coated technical textiles (Design to Flexibility®)
  • Equip yourself to be agile and mobile in the event of natural disasters or any other emergency situation (Design to Mobility®).

Our customers call on us when they need a particularly high level of reactivity while keeping their budget under control.

They also consult us so that their problems can be studied as a whole. They don’t expect a simple product but advice, systems or even a turnkey solution.

Musthane® carries out more than 60% of its projects abroad and in various sectors of activity:



Our added value is based on the integration of the imperatives of flexibility and mobility for our customers through our various brands including:



R&D Center

Investment in research and development is a priority for Musthane®. We are convinced that our customers’ expectations can only be met if we strive to push the limits of known technologies in our field of activity. We devote up to 10% of our turnover to research and development…

The studies carried out concern:

  • New materials for our trades.
  • New polymer transformation processes.
  • New products or fluid transfer systems.

Our team maintains and reinforces the necessary skills in our areas of expertise (composite and polymer designs, mechanical studies and fluid transfer) as well as the integration of multidisciplinary issues in cross-disciplinary projects.

For what result?

We have filed numerous patents and introduced unexpected innovations that have often set a new standard on the market. The most recent example is our helicopter landing pads. We make a product that is about 10 times more compact and lighter than the best product on the market.


  • Technical textiles, polymers and composite materials

We conduct our own research on formulations for exceptional performance. Numerous polymer families such as Aromer® or Oilen® are the result of this work. Traditional polymers are also used when their performance is acceptable (Nitrile (NBR or NPVC), Polyurethane, Vamac®, PVC, Alkryn…).

Our engineers are constantly informed about the state of the art in this field and are able to recommend the most suitable solutions to our customers.

  • Metals and ceramics

Our competence is not limited to technical textiles. Our engineers select materials based on specific alloys or ceramics for particular applications.


Musthane®‘s uniqueness comes from its ability to combine different techniques for transforming soft materials.

This result is the result of a significant investment in the mastery of different manufacturing processes, of which the following are a few examples:

  • hot vulcanization by: oven, press, autoclave
  • cold vulcanization by: solvents, resins
  • welding by: high frequency, thermal, impulse, ultrasound

We are constantly reviewing our manufacturing techniques in order to adapt them to market requirements.



We are convinced that we can always do better. We are convinced that our customers work with us because:

They are our No. 1 priority

We act as professionals, we guarantee the confidentiality and secrecy of their projects. We offer the most technically and economically efficient solutions. We build around these convictions and are guided by our values on a daily basis.


  • Customer satisfaction through the quality of our work and our professional conscientiousness.
  • Team spirit: Musthane is a person made up of women and men who make its success through their common work.
  • The rigor and professionalism with customers, suppliers, local partners and each other, each one seeks to achieve excellence.
  • Enthusiasm: everyone must blossom in their work by balancing private and professional life.
  • The result: each of us will be driven by the achievement of objectives that will be ambitious, motivating, measurable and sustainable. By sustainable we mean, in particular, that we aspire to act in such a way as to make our environment, and the world in general, a better place to live for everyone.
  • Curiosity: open-mindedness, innovation, creativity, questioning.
  • The FUN: what if we had fun doing it all!

We are certified Iso 9001/2015 and Iso 14001/2015.



We are convinced that we succeed if our customers succeed. We are convinced that we can offer the best to our customers only if we recruit, train the best people and our partners are the best.

We recruit and retain only voluntary employees with a strong will to build a professional project in line with our values.

Here are a few examples of professions in which recruitment is frequent:

  • Marketing and sales: within this department, you participate in the conquest of new markets and build loyalty among all our current customers. Your priority: transmit to all teams the expectations and feedback of our customers and prospects.
  • Engineering: the employees of our engineering department in the position of project manager have levels of autonomy and responsibility directly related to their technical and managerial maturity. You lead “customer” projects or internal projects (process improvement, product improvement, etc.). You may also hold a position as a technician (draftsman, estimator, methods, etc.) or assistant project manager within this team.
  • Production: you manage a production team or participate in the realization and optimization of products. You will discover our IMP concept (Mobile Production Island) specially developed for a multi-unit production management with controlled costs.

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