Fuel dispensing unit

Musthane® designs high performance fuel dispensing units to refuel airplanes & helicopters.

You can  connected these distribution units (pump and filtration) to our flexible tanks or other storage systems.
Some examples of fuel dispensing units:

1/Our modular forward area fuel farms allow the storage of an unlimited capacity
- Smart solution for storage of fuel (light weight flexible tank, collapsible, evaporation and bacteria limitation)
- Nominal capacity of the fuel farm from 300 m3 to 3.000 m3 (capacity is adjustable and maybe increased with more tanks)
- Environment protection with mobile containment units (optional equipment)

2/Containerised fuel stations are used when mobility is required with in land, air and sea…
-Set-up in less than 15 minutes of a fully autonomous fuel station
- Mobility: transport by conventional means by road, air, rail or sea.
- Compact : integrated generally into an ISO 20’ (station 12 m3) or 40’ (station 38 m3)
- Customisation: the station can be configurated according to the specifications (number of nozzles, rate, nombre of fuels distributed by the station…)
Musthane has developed a new generation of Autonomous Tactical Fuel Farms which is in service

3/Autonomous Tactical Fuel Farms 400 m3 in a shelter (ISO 20’ container based)
- Storage inside nitrile fuel bladders
- Distribution (60m3/h)
- Discharge from tanker (60m3/h)

4/Light weight refueling station for vehicles
- Gasoil or Gasoline distribution (both possible from the same station)
- Fuel storage capacity of 5m3
- Electrical pump of 3m3/h (+ manual pump)
- Solar panels for charging the batteries of the station

5/Advanced Forward Area Refueling Equipment
Allows tactical refueling of helicopters or fighters in advanced combat areas
Adapted to missions where a high level of reactivity is required
Fuel pump (positive displacement) of 24m3/H (400 lpm). Filtration : API EI 1583 ou 1581 latest edition

6/CCR nozzles for helicopters or airplanes
Rollable, heli-transportable, slingable and droppable bladders (200, 500, 1000 ou 1900 litres)
Collapsible when empty (up to 15% of the nominal volume)

7/Mobile light weight aircraft refueling units from 12 to 60 m3/H (200 lpm to 1000 lpm) – Positive Displacement Pump Technology
8/Airborn fuel bladders equipped with aviation fuel dispensing units (transported full inside a C130)
- Capacity : 22,5 m3 (total wieght 25 tons including 2 fuel bladders filled + full kit (aeronautics pallets, hoses, pumps…))
- Refueling Kit (2 refueling units 200 lpm effective flow rate at 10m – with overwing refuelin nozzles)
- Compatible transportability with major tactical air cargos (C130, A400M, C17, …)

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