Load test water bag

Musthane® designs and manufactures load test water bags.

We use them for load testing of structures or equipment.
They allow static and dynamic tests:

  • Lifting equipment such as cranes,

  • overhead cranes, hoists

  • Of ski lifts

Structures such as pedestrian bridges…
Water bags for load testing are recommended before any commissioning or as part of the maintenance of this equipment for obvious safety reasons. Their implementation is very simple, they just need to be filled with water to the required weight.
Load test water bags are an alternative to the concrete loads by having the following advantages:

  • Compactness: when empty, they do not take up any space because they roll up on themselves.

  • Flexibility: the same ballast bag can be used to test different weights. It will be enough to control the quantity of water put in the bag. This offers great flexibility of use.

  • Cost: thanks to their compactness and flexibility, logistical costs are very low, both for transport and storage.

We manufacture a wide range of load test water bags. Their capacities start at 500KG UP TO 15.000KG.
All ourload test bags are made of rubber coated fabric and assembled by vulcanization. This makes them very robust.
When a higher weight has to be tested, the use of a spreader bar is required.
Water bags for load testing are a safe, economical and ingenious way to perform all your load tests.
If you are faced with a space problem, our design office is at your disposal to offer you the custom-made load test water bag that will suit you

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