Inflatable pipe plug

Musthane® designs and manufactures inflatable plug for pipes of all shapes and materials.

Inflatable pipe plug seals the pipes to retain either a fluid, a gas or dust. We have a very wide range of inflatable pipe plug depending on the need to cover.
The following parameters will determine the choice of the pipe stopper:

    • Shape: We manufacture the pipe plug in square, oval, ovoid, circular shapes to fit the pipe.

    • Size: up to a diameter of 1200mm, this is the standard range; beyond that, we will made rubber plugs for pipe to measure to reach diameters of several meters.

    • Fluid in contact: We have pipe stoppers to contain waste water (sewage), hydrocarbons or aggressive products.

    • Pressure to be retained: 0.5 bar for leakage tests of pipes in the field of sanitation. We also have a standard range which retains 3 bars. And finally, for very high pressure pipe plugs (tens of bars) with or without a large diameter (>2m), we design custom-made inflatable pipe plugs combining safety and compactness.

    • Mobile or fixed: We have a pipe plug that can remain permanently in a pipe without interfering with the flow and which has its own inflation source; the emergency pipe plug! Its role is to prevent accidental pollution.
      We use inflatable pipe plugs for: leak tests on pipes, avoiding accidental pollution, welding on pipelines in complete safety, testing pipes under pressure, installing a wastewater outfall at sea...

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a sealing problem to solve!

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