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Custom inflatable pipe plugs, pipe stoppers

Rubber pipe plugs

Why use a rubber pipe plugs -custom made ?

The major advantage of  custom rubber pipe plugs is that they can be inserted through a hole equivalent to 1/4 of their diameter. It is due to their flexibility that allows them to roll up like a carpet. As soon as you have a problem of place or difficult access to plug a pipe, these compact pneumatic pipe stoppers will bring you the solution. Their shape will adapt to the dimensional constraints of the space to plug whether it is circular, oval, ovoid or other.  They adapt to all types of pipes, whether they are made of sandstone, concrete, PVC …

Range of use

The custom rubber pipe plugs  can cover a wide range of circular pipes from diameter 300 to diameter 6000 mm or ovoid or other shapes. We define their length according to your specifications.

Use case of custom-made rubber pipe plugs

  • Plugging a water or gas line
  • Serve as formwork cores in the public work sector
  • Block a ground opening to prevent tools from falling in or people from being injured (fme risk).
  • Plugging shaft stacks

Technical characteristics of rubberpipe plugs

We manufacture them in CSM rubber coated fabric. Their coating makes them highly resistant to many chemicals and hydrocarbons.

We equipped the custom made plugs with :

  • 2 handles for handling and marking

and a feeding tube

  • ¼ Female BSP up to diameter 300 mm
  • ½ BSP from diameter 350 to 700 mm
  • ¾ BSP beyond diameter 700 mm

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using an inflatable pipe plugs.

Advantages of pipe plugs

  • Introduction through a hole equivalent to 1/4 of their diameter; we introduce a 800 mm plug through a 200 mm hole.
  • Excellent resistance to some aggressive chemicals: solvents, acids, oils, hydrocarbons …
  • Temperature resistance from -10°C to +85°C
  • Made to measure manufacturing-large diameter inflatable pipe plug

Optional accessories of Inflatable pipe plugs

  • Inflation extension equipped with pressure gauge
  • Handling handles


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