Musthane® designs and manufactures solutions integrating composite materials or reinforced fabrics coated with elastomers for the offshore or onshore oil field. We work according to your specifications and put all our experience in flexible materials at your disposal.

We propose:

  • cushioning solutions (grout bags…)
  • pipeline flotation (buoyancy floats),
  • platform flotation (diaphragm, grout packer..),
  • thermal insulation of Conductor Pipe,
  • to wedge the outfall in tidal zones.
Below is a summary of our solutions / your problems:
Problem Solutions
Storing liquids Fuel bladder Fuel bladder containment Floating storage tank Towable fuel tank
Sealing pipelines Hydrocarbons pipe plugs High pressure pipe plugs Very high pressure pipe plugs  
Improve trafficability Temporary road mats      
Press evenly Inflatable jacks High pressure jack    
Load testing lifting equipment Water bag for load testing      
Ensure platform flotation Diaphragm closures Grout packer    
Lifting heavy loads Inflatable lifting bags Underwater parachute Buoyancy floats  
Innovating Custom design and production      


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