Buoyancy bags

Why use custom buoyancy bags?

Through its Mustlift® brand, Musthane manufactures custom buoyancy bags intended for moving or handling loads in a maritime environment. These inflatable watertight structures are custom made according to your problem to be solved. Musthane will use different materials (rubber, PVC, PU…) and different techniques (vulcanization, HF welding…) that it possesses in order to meet the requirements of your specifications.

For example, our inflatable floation bladder have been used to facilitate cable installation operations at sea. They have also given satisfaction during the displacement at sea of prefabricated concrete modules used for the construction of a sea wall.

Use of inflatable floatation bladder

  • Facilitate the handling of concrete blocks by a crane to build a dike. Inflatable floatation bladder have reduced the lever arm effect.
  • Helping divers to handle heavy loads at sea
  • Ensure the flotation of a floating bridge.

Technical characteristics of custom floats

We manufacture custom floats from reinforced fabric coated with PVC, polyurethane or rubber (elastomer) depending on the needs to be filled.

Our design office defines their shapes, dimensions and accessories to meet the technical requirements indicated in your specifications.


  • High flotation capacity
  • Low space requirement when empty
  • Great resistance to attacks cuts, stones…
  • Easy positioning
  • Choice of materials: neoprene, hypalon, PVC, polyurethane…
  • Custom made to order

Optionnal accessories

Underwater lifting bags


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