Buoyancy bags

Musthane® designs and manufactures buoyancy bags from elastomer or plastomer coated fabrics.

Inflatable buoyancy bags are flexible, waterproof envelopes used to ensure flotation. We manufacture them to measure according to their purpose:
- Floating of cables, pipelines, pipes : to facilitate their installation at sea. According to your wish, we manufacture the floating bags  either by pair attached between them, or individual. They keep the cable or pipe in a horizontal position.
- Pontoon floats : to increase the buoyancy capacity of the pontoon. The buoyancy units will be custom made according to the size and weight of the pontoon.
- Floating of heavy structures: our inflatable buoyancy units increase the working power of the crane when positioning very heavy loads at sea.
- Lifting or refloating of boats: we call these particular cylindrical floats underwater lifting bags.

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