In the nuclear field, Musthane® operates at two levels as:

  • Designer of complete systems
  • Component Designer

Thus, Musthane® has been entrusted with complex projects in the design and realization of a robot to push nuclear waste into underground galleries.

Among the sub-systems or components realized by Musthane®, we can quote:

  • Flexible storage tanks for effluents and contaminated water,
  • Zone sealing and insulation systems
  • Specific air jacks and seals…
Below is a summary of our solutions / your problems:
Problem Solutions
Storing liquids Fuel bladder Contaminated water bladder Fuel bladder containment Transformer oil storage tanks
Plugging pipes Inflatable pipe plugs High pressure pipe plugs Custom pipe plugs  
Protection of the environment Emergency pipe plugs      
Improve trafficability Temporary road mats      
Load testing equipment Water bag for load testing      
Lifting heavy loads Inflatable lifting bags      
Innovating Custom design and production      


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