Emergency pipe stopper

Emergency pipe plug

Why use an emergency pipe plug?

The purpose of an emergency pipe plug is to prevent polluted water from reaching the natural environment or sewage systems ; whether from a fire or an accidental chemical spill. The emergency pipe plug remains permanently in the pipe. It acts as a pneumatic valve. It participates in the retention of the site. The emergency pipe plug uses the pipeline network as a buffer or temporary storage “zone”.

It does not disturb the flow when it is not in action. It is positioned in the upper part of the pipeline. The pipe plug has a very low thickness (approx. 15mm).

Its inflation device, via a pannel control  with a compressed air cylinder, gives it the necessary autonomy even in case of fire.

To plug the pipe, it is enough to :

  • press a punch button, or
  • to trigger the system remotely by radio or wired system

Harmful products will be either

  • maintained in the site’s internal network,
  • diverted to a retention basin.

By reacting the pannel control, the inflatable plug will deflate in a few minutes. Then it will automatically return to its initial position thanks to its Integrated Reversibility System. We can inflate and deflate the emergency pipe plug as many times as necessary provided compressed air is available.

We install them and their pannel control on your site. Finally, our specialized team of Musthane technicians will, upon request, ensure the annual maintenance of these safety devices.

The emergency pipe plugs are used in all industries.

We manufacture them to measure in order to adapt them to the shape of your pipe :

  • circular
  • ovoid,
  • with a diameter from 150mm to 2500mm.

Satisfy the legislation of the classified sites:

In some countries, relating to the prevention of accidental risks within classified facilities for the protection of the environment subject to authorization obliges companies to have a retention basin or an equivalent device sized to collect all water likely to be polluted during an accident or fire, including water used for extinguishing.

Musthane equips a large number of nuclear power plants with its emergency pipe plugs and their remote control system. This allows security guards to :

  • inflate the plug from the security desk.
  • know if the pipe stoppers are inflated and
  • to know the air reserve available in the bottles.

Prevent the pollution of water networks in a few seconds:

In case of fire or accidental chemical spill, the site can be put under retention in a few minutes. The site’s piping network stores fire or polluted water while awaiting treatment.

Preventing upwelling of water

The anti-pollution pipe plug is also useful to prevent flooding due to upwelling. Simply leave the plug inflated in the affected pipe to avoid this problem.

Technical specifications of the emergency pipe plug :

Emergency pipe plug

The skin of the inflatable pipe plug is made of technical fabric coated with elastomer, its choice will depend on the chemicals in contact and their concentrations or temperatures.

  • The fabric provides mechanical resistance (resistance over time and frequency of use). It also defines the back pressure retention (height of water column retained by the obturator).
  • The elastomer coating (exterior) provides chemical resistance and thermal resistance.

Stainless steel reinforcements to prevent oxidation ensure the Muststop® Securit fixation system.

Emergency pipe plug  control

The control board is mounted in a reinforced polyester case.It has IP54 protection against weather and dust as well as mechanical shocks. In addition, this material guarantees optimal use for long-term outdoor packaging.

A special sealing system effectively protects the components from external influences such as :

  • Salt air,
  • Moisture,
  • Fire, (self-extinguishing cabinet according to IEC 695-2-1 (960°C))

The control pannel contains the compressed air cylinders needed to inflate/deflate the pipe plug.

It has a punch system for quick release.

We set it to the required inflation pressure of the plugs.

Precautions of use.


  • Ease of installation on existing site. No major infrastructure work required.
  • Ease of use. Musthane offers to install Muststop® Securit on your site*.
  • Light maintenance. Musthane offers to carry out the maintenance of your sealing system*.
  • Deflation of emergency pipe plug without human intervention in the pipe.
  • No interference with the flow in the waiting position or in an “inactive” situation.
  • Fast inflation.
  • Autonomy of the system (independent of the site’s air and electricity network).
  • Resistance to most hydrocarbons and chemicals. To be validated according to concentrations and temperatures.
  • Possibility of multiple inflation/deflation.

Optional accessories

  • The panel of control controlled by GSM or by remote wired control.
  • The panel of control equipped with solar panels to give it an autonomy in renewable energy.


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