Inflatable trench shoring

Musthane® designs and manufactures inflatable * trench shoring.

They protect men from landslides in trenches. Their major advantage is their low weight and ease of use (roll up design).
To shore up the trenches, companies generally install sheet metal or planks.
These shoring systems are heavy and cumbersome to install.
Musthane has designed the Flexshield, a lightweight (less than 20 kg) inflatable trench shoring system. It can be installed easily and quickly without mechanical equipment. It ensures a quick and efficient shoring of trenches and excavations. Inflatable trench shoring protects against landslides and ensuring the safety of the agents. The Flexshield is ideal for all trades using buried networks such as gas, electricity, telecoms, water...
We manufacture Flexshield inflatable cushions from a 3D textile coated with rubber. They are homogeneously vulcanized in a single operation.
Their advantages:
- Abrasion and puncture resistant

- Modular

- Safety of the agents

- Light and easy to handle

- Small footprint

- Repairable and reusable

- Sustainable innovation (positive carbon balance)

- Time saving and productivity / metal armor

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