Mustpress - Pneumatic cylinders

Mustpress ® is the Musthane® brand for pneumatic cylinders as an alternative to hydraulic cylinders.

What is a pneumatic cylinder?

The pneumatic cylinders Mustpress are integrated in machines or automated equipment. Therefore they provide functions such as: guiding, pushing, pressing, sealing, centering, lifting, redirecting… So they are an alternative to mechanical cylinders.
The air cylinders are made to measure to meet your needs and constraints of size, heat and speed. Thanks to our manufacturing technique, we have a great latitude and flexibility of pneumatic cylinders concerning their :

  • Shape: circular, toric, rectangular or complex.
  • Dimension: They measure from a few cm2 to several m2.
  • Stroke: Air cylinders can be stacked to increase their stroke.
  • Pressure: Inflatable jack can be inflated to pressures of a few grams or OVER 100 BAR.

In conclusion, all these possibilities allow many industries to use them.

Why use Pneumatic cylinders?

For the following advantages such as :

  • compactness: the thickness of air cylinders is between 5mm and 30mm
  • the uniformly distributed force, even on large surfaces (more than 10m2).

Examples of use :

  • Jack up rig : Self-elevating platforms use inflatable jacks in association with hydraulic jacks. They ensure the tightening around the leg of the platform during the operations of jack up.
  • Pipeline cementing: The grout packers are inflatable jacks of annular shape. They provide a seal between two pipelines. Then, this allows the operation of grouting between the two pipes.
  • Handling of cylindrical loads
  • Press machine : Pneumatic cylinders replace hydraulic cylinders in presses. They provide an evenly distributed pressure over the entire surface of the part.
  • Engine wedging : Pneumatic cylinders ensure the protection of the engine during its transport

Some technical characteristics of our pneumtic cylinders

We manufacture these air cylinders in single piece or in series. Moreover, we use different raw materials according to the need: polyurethane, rubber, food or not, with textile reinforcements or not. The inflation and positioning accessories for the large pneumatic cylinders are often made of stainless steel.
Our pneumatic cylinders are inflated with air, water or oil.

To sum up do not hesitate to consult our design office concerning a Mustpress ® requirement.

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