Pneumatic jacks custom made use to transport, inflatable jack pneumatic cylinder

Inflatable jack

Why use inflatable jack?

Under the brand Mustpress®, Musthane designs and manufactures inflatable jacks. Firstly, these air cylinders can be integrated as a component in machines or equipment. Secondly, we manufacture them to measure.

Moreover our inflatable jack perform functions in equipment or machines such as: guiding, pushing, pressing, sealing, centering, lifting, redirecting

Thirdly, inflatable air jacks are used in many industries.

In conclusion, they offer undeniable advantages when the objective is to exert an evenly distributed pressure on an outdoor environment, while keeping the space requirement to a minimum. Pneumatic air bag jack presses goat cheese but also lift oil platforms!

They are in fact a tailor-made solution adapted to the environment and to the use of each machine or equipment.So, to help you dimension your inflatable jack, click here.

The principle of the inflatable jack is to obtain a force homogeneously distributed on the environment. An inflatable air jack is a flexible, very resistant envelope in which a gas or a liquid is injected.

So, they advantageously replace hydraulic  jacks.

The manufacturing techniques used cold or hot vulcanization, HF welding. Then the choice of materials are linked to the constraints applied to Mustpress® inflatable jacks:

  • Thermal
  • Chemical
  • Cadence
  • Dimensional

In addition, Pneumatic jacks are available in the following shapes:

  • Square,
  • Round or Cylindrical
  • Rectangular
  • Toric
  • Specific shape

Moreover, they can have one, two, or three floors depending on the race requested.

In addition, we can add a rubber heel-piece to solve problems of

  • shopping,
  • feed position
  • friction

Mustpress® inflatable air jacks have one or more inflation tubes. They are generally inflated at a pressure less than or equal to 7 bars. But we can also manufacture pneumatic jacks inflated up to 400 bars.

Use case of custom made inflatable jack

  • Pressing wood panels
  • Diverting from conveyors
  • Ensuring the closing of polyurethane injection molds
  • Tightening coils
  • Pressing cheeses
  • Handling heavy parts
  • Gasket for vacuum bag

Technical characteristics of inflatable air jack :

  • Material : reinforced fabric coated with rubber or polymer membrane
  • Manufacturing technique: vulcanization, HF welding
  • Dimensions: width from 40 mm to 3000 mm, length from 40 mm to 7000 mm
  • Shapes: circular, square or rectangular with 1, 2 or 3 floors
  • Feeding placed in the center of the diagonals of one face in standard On request, we can move it or put several of them.
  • Inflation: gas or liquid
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 7 bars for the standard models.
  • Maximum thickness: 20 mm for standard inflatable air jack, 15 mm for low pressure and 30 mm for high pressure pneumatic jack.

Advantages of Inflatable jack

  • Low space requirement when empty
  • Homogeneous thrust
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Large runs (several floors)
  • Made to measure manufacturing
  • No special maintenance

Optional accessories of inflatable jacks

To facilitate the positioning and fixing of long inflatable jacks, we can embed threaded inserts in the body of the pneumatic jack.


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