Helicopter mat

The next generation of Rapid Deploy Helicopter Landing Mat*  invented by Musthane®

This very unique helicopter mat, based on an innovative combination of polymers, composite materials and technical textiles, exceeds the performances of existing plastic or metallic rapid deploy mats thanks to its original design. This one is made of a double-ply rubber coated fabric reinforced with composite rods. More than 4 years of research and development, resulting in more than 3 pending patents, were necessary to bring different solutions for improving highly the safety, the compactness and the speed of deploy.

This Helicopter landing mats, specifically designed for being used in desert areas offers thanks to its double ply coated design, the best protection against brownouts and FODs. The Helicopter mat offers, thanks to its pattern, a ground point of reference during day and night landings.

Moreover the reinforcements with composite rods allow the use of ground support equipment around the helicopter even on grounds of lower CBR (Californian Bearing Ratio).


One of the major advantages of Mustmove® HELIPAD is the compactness and the low weight of the equipment. In “transport” configuration, a 20mx20m full kit of Helicopter mat is stored in a box of only 3m x 1,2m x 1,2m and weighs about only 1000 Kgs. This full kit can be transported by a helicopter and installed by 4 people in the desert in less than 3 hours.


Most of the existing Helipad solutions use metallic stakes of about 100 cm to fix the mats to the ground. The stakes are heavy to transport and might move from the ground due to the movements of the mats. Musthane has invented a new design of anchoring composed of an anchor, a flexible link and an arming & blocking device. The Mustmove® QS (Quick & Safe) anchoring system weighs only 200 grams and offers the best safety while fixed in the sand.

*Patents removed

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