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Musthane® designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the marine works sector.

Indeed, the inflatable products we manufacture are perfectly adapted to this environment. 100% of the products we manufacture for the marine works sector are designed and custom made in our facility in France. From our knowledge in the field of flexible materials (rubber, composite…), our engineers bring you customized solutions; whether you have a problem of floating, storage, lifting heavy loads, load testing… We will accompany you in your project whether it is for a study or for the realization of a prototype or a small series. Our aim is to make you benefit from our know-how acquired since many years in our trade of the transformation of the flexible products.

Inflatable floats: they are used to lighten equipment that will be moved by a crane. They are also used to lay cables at sea. Or simply, they allow to ensure the floating of an equipment. We will define their shapes and materials according to your specifications or the problem to solve.

Inflatable parachutes: They ensure the movement of heavy loads under water. They exist in open or closed form according to the need to satisfy. They can also be used to raise equipment to the surface of the water.

High pressure plugs: They ensure the closing of a pipe. We have manufactured some to help with the installation of an outfall of 2.4m diameter at sea. They held a 135 tons thrust. The high-pressure plugs are designed to retain high back pressure with a safety thrust.

Beach access mats : These robust, rollable mats are used to allow the landing of vehicles in tidal areas without the risk of getting stuck.

Grout bags : these rubber grou bags are filled with cement. They are used, for example, to wedge concrete supports placed on the seabed and which are intended to receive the feet of a suspension bridge. Their purpose will be, in the lower part, to follow the roughness of a sea bed and in the upper part to offer a perfectly flat surface.

We strive to find the solution to your problem.

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