Muststop  ® is the Musthane® brand which offers pipe plugs, oil booms, inflatable trench shoring...

The aim of Muststop equipment : to protect of the environment and people.

How to plug a pipe?

  • Pipe plug : They ensure the sealing of all types of sewage pipes, hydrocarbon pipes…You use them to carry out tightness tests or simple sealing. Musthane proposes you inflatable pipe plugs intended for the test of tightness of the sewerage networks and the boxes of connection with a restraint to the counter pressure of 0,5 bar.
    We also offer other rubber plugs for pipe to retain back pressure of 3 bar.
    Furthermore, we manufacture on demand a range of compact pipe plugs that fit through an orifice equal to ¼ of their diameter (a 1200mm diameter pipe plug fits through a 300mm orifice). You will particularly appreciate them when there are access problems.
    Finally, we design and manufacture custom-made very high-pressure pipe plugs that retain back pressures of several hundred tons, including on large diameters (>2m).
  • Emergency pipe plugs: they stay permanently in the pipes and prevent accidental pollution of the public water network. Our emergency plugs prevent the accidental discharge of dangerous products by an industrial company into the community network. Our offer includes:
    – The necessary equipment (anti-pollution plug, inflation cabinet…),
    – Installation of the equipment
    – Maintenance of the installation by a specialized team of Musthane® technicians.

How contain the pollution at sea?

  • Oil booms: they contain the pollution at sea while waiting to be pumped out by boats. We manufacture our oil booms in a high resistance material: neoprene hypalon. In addition to the oil spill booms, we manufacture floating tanks that ensure the temporary storage at sea of these polluted effluents. Oil containment booms contribute to limiting coastal pollution.

How to protect from landslides?

All of this safety equipment is widely used by: governments, communities or industrialists concerned about protecting the environment and people. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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