Muststop  ® is the brand developed by Musthane® to offer mobile systems for the protection of the environment and people.

These mobile systems are available in:

• Inflatable pipe plugs for sewerage pipes
• Inflatable pipe stopper for hydrocarbon pipes
• Pipe stoppers with back pressure 3 bar
• high pressure pipe plugs (to retain several tons of thrust)
• Custom made plugs
• Emergency pipe plugs
• Oil booms
• Inflatable trench shoring to protect the man from burial

Governments, local authorities and manufacturers concerned about protecting the environment and people widely use these systems .

For example, the emergency pipe plugs offer consists of equipment to prevent the accidental spillage of hazardous products by an industrial company into the community network. This offer makes it possible to recommend the necessary equipment (anti-pollution shutter, inflation cabinet, etc.), install and maintain it by a specialized team of Musthane® technicians. Some products of Muststop  ®, the inflatable pipe plugs, are used in the energy, nuclear, oil or building and public works sector for the insulation of pipes during work or to carry out leak tests on pipes.

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