Oil booms

Oil boom

Why use an oil boom?

We design oil booms  to combat pollution from crude or refined petroleum products accidentally spilled on the high seas. During pollution on the high seas, we use oil spills booms to :

  • The containment of hydrocarbons while waiting for them to be trawled, pumped into a recovery shuttle for example
  • To the protection of a sensitive area (nature reserves, ports…)
  • The detour of pollutants to an area where they will be more easily collected.

Oil booms consist of :

  • A flotation element to contain the pollutant
  • A submerged skirt to prevent the pollutant from passing under the dam. It can reach a height of 3m
  • A longitudinal tensioning element (chain or cable) to resist the forces of winds, currents, etc.
  • A ballast

We manufacture them in modules of 15 to 25 meters connected to each other and interchangeably removable.

The oil containment booms have permanent inflatable floats.

We deliver the floating oil booms either on a hydraulic drum or in containers. They are towable at sea.

Use case of oil booms

    • Untimely or illegal deballasting of vessels
    • Sinking of oil tankers

Technical characteristics of oil booms

We manufactureoil booms from reinforced technical textiles coated with Neoprene-Hypalon (chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM) and/or polychlroroprene) or nitrile.

They consist of independent inflatable floats assembled in a mechanical way. They have a skirt in the lower part designed to retain pollutants and a ballast chain that ensures the stability of the floating oil boom.

The oil boom floats may be inflated using thermal or electric inflators.

We store the oil containment booms rolled up on reels with hydraulic reels which facilitates their implementation. These reels are positioned on the vessels and are also used for their storage on land.

Advantages of oil spills booms

      • Simple and quick implementation
      • Robust, high resistance to perforation and abrasion
      • Resistant to solar radiation and atmospheric agents
      • Easy to clean
      • Compact
      • Excellent resistance to hydrocarbons and fats

We design and manufacture specific and customized oil spills booms resistant to very aggressive chemicals (concentrated acids / bases…).

Optional accessories of oil booms

  • Strap to take up the effort which limits the efforts supported by the floats during traction.
  • Thermal inflator
  • Touret
  • Floating tank


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