sécurité civile


Musthane® produces equipment that guarantees that the teams responsible for civil security can intervene more effectively in the event of a disaster. The equipment used is numerous, among which we can cite the following:

  • Lifting cushions,
  • Anti-pollution booms,
  • Flexible water storage tanks,
  • Fuel Dispensing Stations….
Below is a summary of our solutions / your problems:
Problem Solutions
Storing liquids Fuel bladder Flexible water tank Fuel bladder containment  
Plugging pipes Inflatable pipe plugs High pressure pipe plugs    
Improve trafficability Temporary road mats Helicopter landing mat    
Fuelling & Refuelling Airfield refueling pump Aviation fuel farm Forward area refueling equipment -FARE Aircraft refueler – Trailer type
  Aviation refueling equipment-pumps & filters Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System Aviation Fuel Transfer and Filtration 800 lpm  
Protection of the environment Oil booms      
Lifting heavy loads Aircraft lifting bags Inflatable lifting bags Underwater parachute  
Innovating Custom design and production      


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