Temporary road mats

Musthane® designs and manufactures patented access mats. Their objective is to improve the trafficability of areas that are not very trafficable: tidal zones, beaches, muddy or sandy areas... This new original temporary road mat combines polymers, composites and innovative technical textiles. It allows to exceed the performances of metallic or plastic mats.

More than 4 years of research and development, resulting in the filing of several patents, have been necessary to develop effective access mats to improve the tactical performance of armed forces and our customers.

Temporary roadway mats range :

  • Access mat for pedestrian and vehicles: these mats are installed on beaches. They have several functions: facilitating access to beaches for people with reduced mobility, allowing boats to be brought back to the sea, etc.

  • Aircraft recovery mat : these access mats are used to bring back a crashed aircraft on the runway

  • Beach access mat: these temporary roadway mats ensure the trafficability of heavy vehicles in tidal areas

  • Maintenance mat for vehicle: these access mats are used by military forces to ensure the maintenance of vehicles in hostile areas.

  • Temporary road mats: these temporary roadway mats improve the trafficability of the ground for : the mining sector, the industrial sector or the Defense.  Their advantages : solidity, rotating part

  • Traction mat or recovery track : they are used to get light and heavy vehicles out of the mud. Their advantages : compactness and ultra resistance. They are used by the French forces.

  • Helipad : mobile and rollable landing mat for helicopters

The main advantages of these access mats:

  • More compact and light: for example a complete Helipad  is delivered in a box of only about 5m3 making a total weight of about 1000Kg.

  • 100% waterproof against mud and sand

  • Anti-slip and anti-abrasion rubber surface.

  • Really easier to clean and remove from muddy or swampy ground

  • Repairable

  • Rollable

  • More puncture resistant than plastic mats

  • Customizable (color, size, marking...)

Patents filed.

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