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Aircraft lifting bags, aircraft recovery

Aircraft lifting equipment

Why use aircraft lifting equipment & aircraft recovery ?

Mustlift® MARS is a mobile aircraft recovery equipment for lifting aircraft off runways following an accident or in critical situations. It consists of aircraft lifting bags and their control pannel. Their rapid implementation, reliability and exceptional stability make them a real asset during these emergency lifting operations.

Our range of aircraft lifting bag adapts to a wide range of aircraft (A380, Mirage, F18, A320, B747…). The standard capacity of the lifting bags varies from 15 to 60 tons per module.

When are aircraft lifting bags used ?

Runway exits of commercial aircraft are frequent. They result in the bogging down of the aircraft which is stopped and then blocks the use of the runway. After having secured the passengers, emptied the aircraft of its fuel, the emergency is to de-slick the aircraft to clear the runways. To do this, the landing gear must be freed from the mud and therefore lifted using MARS Aircraft Lifting Bags. This allows the Mustmove® aircraft recovery mats or adapted temporary access on which the aircraft rests to be positioned under the undercarriage. The aircraft is then returned to the runway and evacuated.

Aircraft recovery bags technical characteristics

Aircraft recovery bags are made of fabric coated with neoprene, nitrile or other elastomers according to the customer’s specifications. Then they are vulcanized in one operation. They are operational between -50°C and + 110°C.

They are manufactured in modules of three cushions unless specifically requested by customers.

Aircraft lifting bags are air inflatable and are equipped with a safety valve. Each cushion is inflated individually thanks to the control panel.

The control panel allows each cushion to be inflated and deflated in complete safety and to visualize its exact inflation pressure at all times in order to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Aircraft bags advantages

Exceptional stability :

The  double-wall fabric or 3D fabric, gives them a flat surface and ensures the horizontal and vertical stability of the aircraft bags. In addition, the upper module is compartmentalized and designed to fit and conform to the shape of the aircraft, whether at body or wing level, to further increase stability and therefore safety of use…

Safety :

The inflation pressure of the aircraft lifting bags can be adjusted to meet the acceptable pressure recommended by the aircraft manufacturer. Each airbag is equipped with an inflation valve that can be triggered at the desired pressure (e.g. 0.5 bar). The size and the manufacturing technique allow the weight of the aircraft to be distributed

The Instant Pressure Control (IPC) option, allows you to know the exact pressure on the aircraft at any time, unlike standard systems that measure the pressure at the end of the inflation hose which is 10m to 20m from the cushion.

Resistant :

We manufacture aircraft lifting bags from rubber-coated technical fabrics vulcanized in one operation, which gives them an unrivalled homogeneity (“seamless” process with no seams or glue). They are resistant to contact with hydrocarbons and oils.

Ease of use :

Aircraft lifting equipment adapt to any type of soil: tarmac, grass…

Each lifting bag module is composed of 3 air bags of 20 cm height. The modules are stackable to form a stack at the appropriate height.

A simple, easy to use system for partial or total lifting.

A quick deflation/inflation system allows a faster operation.

Long service life

The aircraft bags are repairable.

Optional accessories

Control panel with individual pressure ratio of each cushion

  • Floor mats
  • Compressed air generator
  • Cold start of the air generator
  • Generator set included with air generator
  • Aircraft recovery mat
  • Unloaders and fuel tanks
  • towing kits
  • Aircraft Anchoring Kits
  • Defueler for fuel pumping
  • A training center allows you to train alongside professional instructors in the use of the equipment on one of our aircraft.

Equipment maintenance contract: entrust us with your equipment and we commit to having it ready the day you need it.


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