Fuel bladder containment

Containment tank

Why use custom made containment tank?

Musthane®‘s custom-made containment tanks are a means of protecting the environment against accidental pollution from hydrocarbons, chemicals or any other toxic product. Chemical product containers are placed in the portable spill berm, which then provide a secondary containment in case of container leaks or risk of leakage when handling chemical products. The material of the portable spill berm is chosen according to the chemical product that it must contain in the event of an accident. In all cases, this means makes it possible to contain the spread of pollution while the necessary means are implemented to evacuate and treat the contents of the spill berm.

The spill containment berm is custom made to fulfill your requirements. They are compact, foldable and therefore simple and quick to implement.

Case of use of custom made portable spill berm

Technical characteristics of tank secondary containment

Tank secondary containment are made from technical textiles coated with polymers (elastomer or plastics). There are three main families of containment systems :

  • thanks to a metal structure,
  • thanks to inflatable rods
  • from geomembranes to be placed on prepared ground.

Fuel bladder containment

Containment tank Type MSC

  • Metallic self supported containment system
  • Metal structure stainless steel or aluminum
  • Liner according to military or civil specifications

Inflatable containment tank

Containment tank  Type ISC

  • Inflatable self supported portable spill berm
  • Liner according to military or civil specifications

Portable fuel spill berm

Containment tank  Type BLI

  • Berm liner or bund liner to be positioned on a prepared area (prefabricated walls, digged area…)
  • Liner according to military or civil specifications


  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation/disassembly
  • Choice of material according to the stored chemicals
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Made to measure manufacturing
  • Protection of the environment

Secondary containment options

  • Floor mats
  • Drain valve
  • Flexible hoses


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