Transformer oil storage tank

Transformer oil storage tank

Why use transformer oil storage tank?

MSBT transformer oil storage tank is used for transformer maintenance or as a buffer storage for mineral oil.

It has multiple advantages:

  • their compactness when empty (it bends) is an asset for their storage and transport;
  • their lightness is an asset for their installation;
  • and finally their design is a major asset for storage conditions.

Indeed, the wall of a flexible oil storage tank always remains in contact with the stored product, thus preventing the presence of air and the development of micro-organisms and oil contamination, unlike metal tanks. The other advantage is the absence of condensation or particles such as rust from metal debris which can also pollute the oil.

The oil is drained using a motor pump unit.

Use of transformer transformer oil storage tank

  • Emptying a transformer to change a valve
  • Temporary storage of oil for cleaning.

Technical characteristics of transformer oil storage tank

The transformer oil storage tank of are made of rubber coated reinforced textile. The materials are chosen according to the oil stored in order to ensure its conservation.

They are assembled by vulcanization in a homogeneous way in one operation.


  • Elbowed filling/emptying base equipped with a 1/4 turn valve and a symmetrical ½ symmetrical guillotine coupling DN50 in aluminium (two from 30 m3).
  • Subbase equipped with a degassing valve.

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using flexible tanks


Non-contractual data for information purposes

Musthane is able to make transformer oil storage closed up tanks for electrical transformers according to your specifications.


  • Simple and quick to use
  • Compact (foldable to 5% of the total volume)
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • Resistant to tearing, abrasion, UV rays, etc.
  • Better protection of the stored product
  • Better safety of use
  • Made to measure manufacturing

Optional accessories

  • Pipes with semi-symmetrical connection
  • Knitting key
  • Repair Kit
  • Volucompteur


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