Underwater lift bags

Musthane® designs and manufactures underwater lift bags.

Their purpose is to assist in the handling or lifting of heavy loads in underwater environments. They are for example used for the refloating of boats that have sunk.

We manufacture underwater lifting bags from coated technical fabrics and lifting straps. The underwater lift bags are equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent the risk of overpressure. The diver uses them with compressed air. Depending on the mission, one or more underwater lifting bags are used at the same time to move a load or bring it to the surface. In order to distribute the weight, it is sometimes necessary to use a spreader bar.

We offer 2 types of parachute lift bags: closed parachutes (they are shaped like a tube) and open parachutes (they are shaped like a balloon)

Their advantage:

- Compactness, easy storage

- Strength

The standard range has a lifting capacity of 100kg to 10 tons.

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