Inflatable jacks operations Manual


CAUTION: Do not use these inflatable jacks without knowing the fluid, the stroke and the authorized pressure. Please read these instructions before using
  • Do not inflate the inflatable air jack under free stroke, there will be a risk of bursting
  • Ensure that the pneumatic jack is entirely set up into its housing before use
  • Follow the stroke recommended. If not there may be a risk of bursting.
  • Follow the inflation pressure specified on the inflatable jack or the documents provided, if not there will be a risk of bursting.
  • Respect the recommended inflation fluid if not there will be a risk of bursting.
  • Ensure that the housing is clean and smooth
  • Optimum operating temperature between 0 ° C and 30 ° C
  • Do not cut any possible marks of rubber creep
  • Contact our teams if in doubt


  • Position the pneumatic jacks in its seat and position the filling valve in the provided hole of the support
  • Put the washer and screw the nut by hand. Finish the operation by a ¼ turn maximum with a wrench . Caution : the inflatable jack will be destroy definitively if you force screwing.
  • Connect the inflation hose to the filling valve
  • Inflate the cylinder to the agreed fluid respecting the stroke and pressure specified on the cushion or documents provided. If in doubt, contact Musthane
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How to store and maintain INFLATABLE JACKS?

  • Store the air jacks flat and deflated in a room protected from extreme weather conditions, aggressive vapors and rodents at a storage temperature between -5 ° C and +20 ° C and a degree of hygrometry between 40 and 70%.
  • Protect air jacks against sunlight, UV light, or strong artificial light.
  • After each use, check that the air jacks are not damaged (cracks, exposed cloth, cut). Consult Musthane if in doubt.
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