Grout packer for Pipe repairing

grout packers for offshore

A pipe 40” of a large oil producer ensuring the supply of tankers is cut because of significant oil leaks due to corrosion. Due to the importance of this main pipe, a doubling of the pipe must be carried out as quickly introducing a length of 150 m of pipe 32 “into the pipe 40” corroded.

The customer has asked Musthane engineers to design a pneumatic system allowing both the guidance of a pipe relative to each other but also the filling of concrete in the gap of the two pipes : grout packer system

Musthane designed inflatable toric jack set up at the end of the pipe 32 ”; once set up, these grout packer then retained a pressure of 15 bar.

For safety reasons, two expandable high pressure jack are made. They have a by-pass to isolate in order to have a double safety shutter in case of failure of one of them. A polyurethane membrane is also achieved ; mounted on the 32″, it protects the airbags during process. Once the pipe 32″ set up, the cushions are inflated at 20 bar during all the annular Groutage operation (40/ 32″).

Musthane® designed and manufactured all the equipment, which one is very specific (need of the tools) within 12 days.

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