Traction mats

Traction mats

Musthane presents its new generation of Mustmove® VRS, roll-up traction mats to get vehicles out of sand or mud. Traction mats, designed and manufactured in France, after several years of research and development and a number of international patents, works effectively with all wheeled vehicles. It is part of the Mustmove® range, offering mobility solutions developed by Musthane for the field of operations.

Mustmove® VRS recovery mats allow vehicles to be freed from sand or mud thanks to their anti-skid surface. They are flexible, roll-up mats designed with high-resistance textiles coated with a special polymer.

The thin end allows the vehicle to slide easily in the rut and the wider part gets the wheel free. We equipped the upper surface with studs and ruts which improves wheel grip and prevent any skidding.

Easy to install and remove after use, they are also highly resistant, repairable, impermeable to mud and sand. Moreover our traction mat is compact and light (350 x 750 mm rolled-up, for a 2.4m long mat, weighing 17kg for vehicle> 26500 lbs). In addition they are easy to clean, which means they can be re-used immediately if necessary. We have three models in the range for vehicles : light, medium or very heavy. Traction boards have proved their worth: in most cases documented, vehicles have been recovered in less than 15 minutes. Also, they have been successfully assessed by STAT (French Army Staff Armament Programs Directorate).

Technical characteristics of our Traction mats

We deliver the traction mats in a kit comprising:

  • two flexible mats
  • an anchor set – an aluminium anchor, a high-strength soft strap and an anchor setting and blocking device.

This allows the anchor points to be installed quickly and easily, with no danger to wheels if they drive over the anchors, contrary to metal studs. Installation and removal of the anchor takes less than a minute.

VRS Traction mats are a result of over three years’ research and development. Three international patents protect the elements making up the kit.

Access mats Mustmove range

They are part of the Mustmove® range of field of operations mobility solutions by Musthane, thus supplementing the Mustmove® HELIPAD, a mobile, roll-up landing pad for helicopters and rotorcraft drones,  Mustmove® Beach Access, mobile landing tracks and Mustmove® SIM, a solution to make roads for vehicles, passages for pedestrians and waterproof roll-up tent mats.

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