All you need to know about Mustmove recovery tracks

Traction board

The primary purpose of Mustmove recovery tracks is to get a vehicle out of sand or mud. Also called de-sanding plates, they are used in pairs on the two driving wheels. They also allow the vehicle to cross an obstacle that is obstructing or damaging to the vehicle, such as rocks or an island of stones.

The military often uses these Mustmove traction mats to get vehicles out of impassable terrain. They are also used in raids where vehicles, mostly 4x4s, find themselves off traditional roads. Everyone who drives in difficult terrain should be equipped with these traction mats.

How do the recovery tracks work?

Recovery tracks are simply positioned at the front wheels of the vehicle so that the tyres grip them. This provides a stable surface for removing sand from under the vehicle. The sand removal plates, designed by Musthane, consist of rollable recovery track,equipped with metal buffer, an anchoring system very strong and equipped with a device for arming and locking the anchors. This allows the traction mats to be easily retrieved after use.

What are the advantages of having recovery tracks?

Very practical, Mustmove recovery tracks make it easy to get your vehicle out of the way even if you are alone or only a few people are present. Towing an off-road vehicle weighing 1 tonne or more is no easy task. This is why these traction mats are indispensable during raids. Moreover, calling a tow truck to get out of this situation has a cost. Time and money saved is considerable if you have grit traction mats in the boot of your vehicle.

Recovery tracks are suitable for mud, sand or snow and can be easily adapted to the ground for optimum grip.

What are the special features of Mustmove recovery tracks?

Musthane designs durable, repairable and waterproof traction mats. In addition, they are compact, light and easy to clean. The kit proposed by Musthane consists of two rollable recovery tracks made of a technical textile covered with a specific polymer. In addition, an innovative set of anchors is also included in the kit of traction mats. The anchor set consists of an aluminium anchor piece, a flexible, strong textile tie and a device for arming and locking the anchors. The flexibility of these de-sanding plates prevents damage to the vehicle chassis. These recovery tracks can carry a vehicle of more than 12 tonnes and are made to order.

The traction mats are long lasting and can be reused immediately as they are easy to clean and most vehicles that are stuck in the ground are rescued within 15 minutes. For more information, please contact Musthane for a personal quote.

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