gas holder balloon in rubber for gas storage

Musthane manufactures gasometers from high resistance coated fabric. Foldable, light, our gas holder ballons are easy to set up.

Musthane manufactures flexible gasometers for high volume storage in workshops, sheds or outdoors. We design them to be a variable volume buffer storage between production units and use stations. These gas holder balloon can be installed without major work or high investment.
Producers can recover energy from their waste directly on the farm. This gives them significant energy savings. Volumes of around 15m3 for small farms can reach 200m3 in canneries.
One of the main uses of flexible gasometers is to equip sewage treatment plants in medium-sized cities. They provide buffer storage between the digester and the heated premises thanks to the recovered gas.
In order to fight against the harmful effects of pollution, gas meters are a safety instrument that allows to recover the untimely gas emanations. Their implementation is instantaneous since they do not require inertia.

The technical characteristics of the material used :

  • mechanical resistance,
  • impermeability to gas and water vapor,
  • excellent life span with respect to ultraviolet light,
  • good resistance to ozone and usual corrosive chemical agents.

Gasometers are well adapted for storing common gases such as: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, dry ammonia, nitrous oxide and gaseous aliphatic carbides.

Musthane manufactures gasometers according your requirement.

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