Rubber air cell for conservator- power transformer

rubber air cell for power transformer

The main goal of power transformers in power grids is to increase the voltage to high levels to carry electricity with minimal losses. Our rubber air cells participate in this success.
Power transformers are traditionally filled with oil. It allows the dielectric insulation of the windings between them and the cooling of the transformer.
The oil storage system uses an (conservator) expansion tank to and from which the transformer oil can flow freely when expanding or contracted following changes in oil temperature (+/- 10%). This conservator is at the top of the transformer. This system permanently ensures a manometric head of oil above the main tank and keeps it fully filled. An oil level gauge is mounted on the conservator and allows you to see the changes in fluid level.

Rubber air cell for power transfer

The conservator can be equipped with a rubber air cell (expansion diaphragm) to prevent any contact of the ambient air (oxygen, ozone) with the transformer oil. This reduces the possibility of penetration of moisture (water vapor) into the transformer oil, and oxidation of the preservative oil (avoid the appearance of gas bubbles in the oil). The flexible compensating bladder acts as a real barrier, like a lung. When the transformer oil heats up and therefore expands, the rubber air cell will deflate. On the contrary, when the oil cools and contracts, the rubber air cell will swell.
Musthane manufactures its rubber air cell from rubber-coated fabric specifically designed to be compatible with transformer oils. We assembly the bladder and its accessories by vulcanization at one time which makes the bladder homogeneous and waterproof. The different coated fabrics allow use over a large temperature range of minus 50 ° C to + 110 ° C.
Musthane manufactures air cell bladders on demand whatever the size.
– Flanges: Musthane has a very wide variety of flanges in stock to adapt to different conservator. We place these flanges anywhere on the air cell. They allow the arrival of air which makes of its bladders membranes of dilation.
– Loops : The loops allow to position the rubber air cell in the conservator. Their number and position depend on each client. We usethe same coated fabric as the rubber air bag.
– Marking: each air cell has its own serial number molded in the product to prevent oil pollution by adding paint or dye.

We test each rubber bag for leak tightness before shipment. An individual control sheet is provided that specifies the serial number, dimensions and date of manufacture

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