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Inflatable air bladder range, rubber bladders

Inflatable air bladder

Why use inflatable air bladder & custom rubber bladder?

The purpose of the inflatable air bladder manufactured by Musthane is to :

  • compensate for variations in oil volume due to temperature variations, leaks or the operation of a hydraulic power plant;
  • separate the oil from the external environment and thus avoid its oxidation or pollution.

We find Mustbalance® MBH inflatable bladders or polyurethane bladders  in the following applications

  • electrical distribution transformers,
  • hydraulic power plants,
  • scanners…
  • surge vessel

We manufacture them with nitrile-coated reinforced fabric or oil-resistant polyurethane. These fabrics do not contaminate the oil.

Pneumatic bladder exists in the following forms:

  • circular,
  • square,
  • rectangular
  • ovals

We equip them with one or more tubes.

Mustbalance® MBH inflatable bladders are mounted inside or outside the tank of a hydraulic circuit. They require no maintenance.

The shape of the rubber air bladder depends on the volume to be compensated and the available space.

Use of custom inflatable bladders

  • In presses for polymerization of composite materials
  • In hydraulic power plants of machine tools

Technical characteristics of the inflatable air bladders

Inflatable air bladders are made of fabric, reinforced or not, generally coated with NBR nitrile or polyurethane.

These fabrics are perfectly resistant to oils and are compatible with a wide range of uses.

The temperature of use will influence the choice of material.

The inflation or positioning accessories are made of stainless steel or, according to your specifications, of another suitable material.

For inflatable rubber air bladders mounted on inclined planes, it is necessary to provide several feeds to prevent them from clogging.

We manufacture all inflatable air bladders according to your specifications. Our engineering team is at your disposal to assist you in the definition of the air bladders: from the definition to the design and manufacturing.

Advantages of rubber bladders

  • Ease of implementation
  • Protection of contaminating oils
  • Resistance to ozone
  • Custom made to order
  • No maintenance.


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