helicopter landing mat 20sqp lightweight

Musthane participated in JAC 2018 dedicated to the partners and suppliers of the French Army Aviation.
Musthane showcased its patented material for the mobile and rapid deploy helicopter landing mats. This innovation brings the most compact solution to the French Army Aviation giving the possibility to deploy 8 landing areas of 20mx20m each in only one 20ft ISO container. The material design makes the product reusable many times for efficient re- deployments even in places where the ground becomes muddy.
The patented anchoring system proposed by Musthane has a unique device very simple to use for arming and re-arming the anchors. The anchoring system is reusable.
Musthane showcased also a new innovation: a Helicopter Landing Emergency Platform. A patented solution based on inflatable cushions for allowing an emergency landing of the helicopter with damaged landing gears.

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