Type : CL
Inflatable lifting bags for vehicles

Lifting bags

Why use lifting bags?

Mustlift® type CL lifting bags are used to lift heavy loads that are not easily accessible. The high-pressure air bags can be placed under heavy loads close to the ground, or in areas that are difficult to access due to their small size. They are very manoeuvrable. They ensure controlled and safe lifting. Their transport and handling are facilitated by handles. They are supplied from different air sources; compressed air cylinders, pedal or hand pump for small models, internal industrial compressed air network, water….

Use cases of lifting bags

  • Deinsertion of people in traffic accidents,
  • Moving large blocks of rubble during an earthquake
  • Moving heavy machinery,
  • Clearing of stone blocks in quarries,
  • Lifting of tanks, cars,

Technical characteristics of lifting bags

We manufacture the inflatable lifting bags from high-strength rubber-coated technical fabrics.

They have :

  • a non-slip surface
  • a position indicator
  • Handling handles from the 10-ton model upwards

They have a 1 /4 F quick coupling on the edge. The inflatable cushions withstand an inflation pressure of up to 7 bar.

We recommend that you read the precautions for use before using lifting bags.

Non-contractual data for information purposes
Reference Maximum lifting thrustMaximum lifting heightWidthLengthThickness*HAndlesMaximum pressureTest pressureWeightVolume
 Tonscmcmcmcm barbarKgLiters

Advantages air bags lifting

  • High lifting power (up to 76 Tons as standard).
  • Low thickness (maximum 30 mm).
  • Very high resistance to physical aggressions (cuts, stones…), ozone and fuel.
  • Anti-slip coating.
  • Easy positioning thanks to the marking.
  • Easy to apply

Optional accessories of lifting bag

  • Valve for controlling the inflation and deflation of the pneumatic lifting bag and precise control of the ascent and descent of the load. There are two models of inflators that can be used to inflate one or two cushions simultaneously.
  • Inflation hose


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