Skirt for hovercraft in rubber sheet

Skirts for hovercraft

What is the purpose of the hovercraft skirts?

A hovercraft is an all-terrain vehicle (water/land) that moves on a cushion of air. This movement is done thanks to a ventilation system that sends air under pressure into the almost watertight skirts of the hovercraft, which allows it to rise. The hovercraft is then ready to glide whatever the nature of the ground: water, swamp, ice, earth etc… Propulsion is provided by a propeller.

By necessity, the skirt offers a strong resistance to abrasion, pressure…There are three main families of skirts : bag skirts, finger skirts and combined bag and finger skirts. Therefore, the best material to make hovercraft skirts is fabrics coated with rubber.

The skills of musthane allow us to manufacture these skirts according to your specifications. We can accompany you either for a first assembly or during the maintenance of the skirts. Moreover, our engineers team can also assist you in the design and development of the material (rubber coated fabric) that will meet your technical requirements.

Use cases

Ensuring the movement of military troops in hostile areas
Rescue of people in hostile water areas
Transport of heavy equipment in swampy or glacial areas

Technical characteristics for skirts of hovercraft

We manufacture our skirts from rubber coated fabrics.

skirt in rubber for canadian hovercraft

We choose :

  • the elastomer formula,
  • the resistance
  • Nature of the textile,
  • the thickness of the coating…

that will fully satisfy your specifications.

Advantages of skirts for hovercraft

Abrasion resistant
Custom rubber formulation
Custom skirt fabrication


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