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Self sealing tank Musthane

Self sealing fuel tank


A self sealing fuel tank is a type of fuel tank who prevents them from leaking and igniting after being damaged.

With a multiple layers technical solution, it allows the safe storage of fuel.

The purpose of a such fuel tank is twofold:

  • To seal leaks in the tank pierced by projectiles
  • Prevent the outbreak of a fire.

We design these equipment to protect the fuel in the tanks and to increase the safety of the vehicle’s occupants.

The aim of a self-sealing protection on a tank is to prevent leaks on aircraft or vehicle tanks pierced by projectiles such as 7.65mm to 14.5mm bullets. These tanks undeniably increase the range and autonomy of vehicles and the safety of occupants. When it is perforated, the fuel infiltrates into the different layers, some of which by their inflation will seal the perforation.

Our self-sealing protection is also used to protect metal tanks and fuel storage tank mounted on refueling trucks or trailers.

Case of use

This kind of fuel tanks is particularly efficient for armoured and military vehicles or police vehicles whos are more risk to be damaged by perforation.

Other types of vehicles or equipments can benefit from the particularly resistant properties of self-sealing tanks in the event of accidental damage, such as:

Technical characteristics of self sealing fuel tank

They are made from a multi-layer complex of technical fabrics coated with rubber and polymer foam.

We apply this protection on PE, aluminum, steel, fiberglass tanks….

Musthane also has a solution to limit the risk of fuel bladder deflagration. For this, we fill the tank with a specific foam.

Our design office is at your disposal for:

  • design of your self-sealing protections
  • their sub-plans
  • their manufacture

whether for small or large series. So do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Light
  • Compact
  • Security
  • Made to measure


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