Mustmove® Mobility solutions: helipad mat, trackway, shelters

beach access for defence mustmove

Mustmove® is the brand of Musthane dedicated to tactical mobility equipment. This brand is at the heart of our Design to Mobility® by addressing exclusively peace keeping or humanitarian operations.

The base products for the tactical mobility offered by Musthane are portable trackways and shelter: you can access quite everywhere thanks to our equipment and you will have a shelter to operate professionally. For example, our temporary track way and access road provide access to all types of vehicles rolling over the land without the risk of getting bogged down, our helipads landing mats offer airstrips for your helicopters.

Mustmove® is a fast growing and extended skills brand where our Engineering Department designs and implements the turn-key solution according to your requirements: field hospitals, equipped camp, mobile CBRN decontamination units, COLPRO, mobility mat dispensers, aircraft recovery mats