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Temporary roadway mats

What is a temporary roadway mat?

Roadway mats are plates to be placed on the ground to create an access path when the ground is impassable. When we don’t see the layout of the road, it lets us see the roadway mat. There is a lot of benefits to use a temporary roadway mat:

  • It is easy to install quickly on the road
  • Roadway mats have a long life and are repairable
  • Several sizes and colours are available
  • No risk of skidding when passing vehicles for example

Roadway mat is often used when the ground is rough, with holes for instance.

Why use temporary road mats?

Mustmove® SIM is an innovative* solution for improving traffic flow thanks to temporary road mats. Moreover, these plates reinforce the terrain to allow vehicles equipped with wheels to pass through soft areas.

Why the Musthane solution is the best:

  • Robustness: Temporary roads mats allow the crossing of soft areas or ruts where the terrain is soft or deformed. They are resistant and repairable.
  • Re deployment: Temporary access mats are reusable without the use of a liner or felt even when used in muddy ground or grass over a long period of time. It is a truly nomadic product with a longer lifespan.
  • Versatility: The temporary roadway mats are designed in a modular way with customized dimensions and colors. They come in rolls that can be connected to each other quickly. These rolls are available on reels. Musthane also manufactures revolving junctions (patented) to facilitate the installation and the follow-up of the ground.

*Patented granted

Use case of temporary access mats

  • Road access to construction sites or mines
  • Interconnection path in the camps
  • Temporary track in external operations (OPEX)

Technical features of the temporary roadway mats

Mustmove® SIM is made from a double-ply rubber-coated reinforced fabric with composite reinforcements.

The modules of our temporary roadway mats are delivered as standard with lengths of 5 or 10 meters connecting with a fast and robust system.

Non-contractual data for information purposes
TypeUseTechnical data
Heavy– Temporary road with rough ground (ruts, holes…)– Weight 8 to 10 Kg/m².

– Dimensions on request

– Manual or automatic unwinding on reel

Light– Temporary road regular soils

– Weight: 1.2 to 4.0 Kg/m².

– Dimensions on request

– Can be deployed by 2 or 4 people or on an automatic drum.

Advantages of temporary road mats

Road mat is:

    • Light
    • Non-slip surface
    • Puncture resistant
    • Rubber coated surface
    • Removable integrated reinforcements (40GPa to 250GPa)
    • Impermeable to mud and dust
    • Repairable (repair kit)
    • Customizable at no extra cost (dimensions & markings & colors)
    • Mounted on existing reels and conveyor belt unwinding systems.

Optional accessories for temporary road mats

  • Automatic or semi-automatic unwinding reel.
  • Turning section allows to make tracks with curves or turns.


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