Type : TSP
tire protection shield

Tire sidewall protection

Why use Tire sidewall protection?

Mustmove® TSP Tire sidewall protection manufactured by Musthane are innovative and patented systems designed to increase the camouflage of the tire sidewall (visible/IR). It improves also the survivability of military vehicles by protecting sidewalls of tires and improving their stealthiness.

Made of a flexible, high-strength composite material, the Tire Sidewall Camouflage & Protection Mustmove® TSP guarantee heavy vehicles long-lasting camouflage in extreme environments. They highly reduces the risks of damaging tires. They decrease the cost of maintaining tires in operational condition and increase their lifespan.

The device can be set up in the field and doesn’t limit the vehicle’s mobility.

Technical characteristics of tire sidewall protection

The 8 slots in the fixing ring will ensure to use the bolts already on the wheel.

Our Mustmove® TSP are adapted to the vehicles wheel features.

Musthane will communicate detailed specifications for your vehicle upon request.


  • Enhances the vehicle’s camouflage (visible/IR) : They reduce the thermal signature of the tire sidewalls.
  • Easy and quick installation without dismounting the wheel: They can be set up in less than 5 minutes per wheel using an impact spanner.
  • Self-cleaning : the innovative design of the Mustmove® TSP eliminates any foreign objects that could get between the tire and the protective device while driving.
  • Shape memory : this material has a degree of flexibility that prevents it from breaking and allows it to absorb high deformations. Its rigidity allows it to return to its original shape after deformation.
  • Extremely robust and resistant in abrasive environments.


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