Muststop® Inflatable pipe plugs & oil boom for preserving environment

inflatable pipe plugs

Muststop® is the trademark which was developed by Musthane to offer mobile systems to fight against accidental pollution : inflatable pipe plugs, oil boom.

These systems are quite wide-spread and used by governments, public authorities or manufacturers which want to preserve the environment.

For example, the SECURIT offer consists in making equipments in order to avoid accidental spillage of hazardous products by a manufacturer into public authorities’ utilities. Our offer consist in recommending equipment required, and having a specialist team made up of Musthane technicians install and maintain such equipment(antipollution pipe plugs and its monitory). Certain products such as inflatable stoppers or oil boom are used in the Power, Nuclear, Oil industries or Public buildings and works sector for the isolation of pipes during work, or to conduct tests to assess the water-tightness of pipes.