Helicopter Mat

helicopter landing mat for defence

The life span of helicopter engines can be between 3 and 6 times shorter without protection from dust when landing and taking off. The use of  helicopter landing mat increases their life span.
Musthane mobile helicopter mats are the fruit of many years of research and are the subject of several patent applications.
They offer a number of undeniable advantages compared to existing products:
We made them from polymer-coated technical fabrics providing ROBUSTNESS and RESISTANCE to perforation. You can rolled out these helicopter mats like a carpet. They are 100% IMPERMEABLE to mud and dust. Helicopter landing mat are so COMPACT that you can store 8 Helipads in a 20” container. They have an ANTI-SLIP surface providing additional safety for staff.
You can REUSED as many times as you want as they can be cleaned without trapping mud or dust from the location they are deployed.
The self-locking anchor system is truly revolutionary. Unlike spikes, which are heavy (5kg), difficult to drive in and not always reliable, our anchoring system is

  • LIGHT (under 0.2 kg) and has a slip resistance of 500kg;
  • QUICK TO SET UP, less 2 hours to set up an H2020 landing pad.
  • RELIABLE, thanks to the self-locking anchor system which maintains the fabric under tension when in use.

The lighting system is another one of its strengths. IR night beacons enable the landing mat to be easily spotted from the air using night vision goggles and WITHOUT dazzling the pilots. The IR beacons are compact and autonomous thanks to their integrated solar panels.

Lightness and compactness are two of the strengths of our helipad making them highly attractive for armed forces facing difficult conditions in the theatre of operations.

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